We've Been Pronouncing 'Versace' Wrong This Whole Time

Sorry, Donatella

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So, it looks like we're pissing off Donatella Versace by not pronouncing the luxury brand name correctly. 

If you've been walking around saying it a particular way, you could be wrong.

In a resurfaced Vogue 73 Questions with Donatella Versace video, the Italian designer answered a question on which Italian word she found most annoying to hear people pronouncing wrong...and yep, it was Versace.

How do you pronounce it, you ask? Well, if you've been saying "Ver-sar-chee"...you're wrong. It's actually "Ver-sach-eh" 

Watch the video for yourself here: 

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Amber Lowther

21 April 2021

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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