We Spoke To Someone With Foreign Accent Syndrome!

Aussie with an Irish accent!

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This morning, the Hit Network's Cliffo & Gabi spoke to Kate Baggs, an Aussie who suffers from Foreign Accent Syndrome, and slips in and out of an Irish accent!   

Kate developed an Irish accent after a really bad migraine episode - her body mimics having a stroke without having one. In the middle of a sentence, her voice changed into an Irish accent.

It's baffling because Kate is Australian and has never been to Ireland!

So we wanted to know how it affects her life, what a neurosurgeon found on her brain, and what it's been like finding a community of people with the same diagnosis. 

Does Kate want her Australian accent back? We found out!  

Missed the chat? Here's what Kate had to say about having Foreign Accent Syndrome:  

Want more goss? Check out the latest from Hit Entertainment here:  

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Amber Lowther

20 July 2021

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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