We’re Still Not Over How Terribly These TV Shows Ended

Still not over it!

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There is nothing quite like getting hooked on a tv show, becoming emotionally attached, immersing yourself in season after season, and then it comes to a terrible, disappointing end.

Unfortunately not all tv shows can wrap up a series in one episode and give the show the justice it deserves, but some do it so poorly that it still annoys us to this day.

These are the tv shows that had the worst series finales:

How I Met Your Mother

This show hooked us from the very first episode, we were on a long journey to find out who the mother of Ted's children is. We invested ourselves in the show and watched all 208 episodes to finally meet the mother, only to have her killed off almost instantly, followed by the kids telling Ted to pursue Robin, the love interest he met in the very first episode.
Don't get us started on the entire final season and how the rest of the characters ended up.


Lost started with so much promise, it was compelling, mysterious, and then it just lost the plot (no pun intended). It seemed there were so many twists and turns that couldn't be explained, so the show finished with a massive cop-out, all the characters already being dead.


A story about a forensic technician living a double life as a serial killer hunting down murderers who slipped through the justice system was such a great notion for a tv show. However, the way the series came to an end was less than climactic, Dexter's sister, Debra was killed off, and he somehow managed to put his former life behind him to become... a lumberjack?


One of the most popular sitcoms of all time had one of the most hated finales of all time. The four main characters of Seinfeld ended up in jail for making fun of a guy who was mugged, the episode goes on to highlight all of the awful things the characters had done throughout the nine seasons. Many fans felt that wrapping up the show would be difficult, however, the final episode missed the tone of the 179 episodes that came before it.


We fell in love with this family of Dinosaurs, and the way the show explored serious themes but kept it lighthearted and the line 'Not the Momma!'. Although it ended with our beloved characters facing imminent death. Grim.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl seemed to set up the anonymous character that could have been any one of our favourite characters, but also set up that it couldn't be one of our favourite characters. Whichever way this series ended wasn't going to make sense, but having Dan as Gossip Girl, really didn't add up, and it still keeps us up at night!

We've explored all the times that proved it was impossible for Dan Humphrey to be Gossip Girl:

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18 November 2020

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