We're Shook At The Real Meaning Of This 'Love Shack' Lyric

We had no idea!

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For years and years at endless nights of karaoke, we've been singing our lungs out to the B52's hit 'Love Shack', not even realising the meaning behind one of it's most well known lyrics.

If you've ever yelled out 'TIN ROOF, RUSTED' while gracing your surrounding audience with your vocals - the lyric actually means... you're pregnant.


To those in the know, this is generally what the meaning behind the lyric is.

However, in a 2018 interview with mlive.com, band member Cindy Wilson said in her eyes the lyric “was just part of a description of the vision in my head of what the love shack looked like,” adding that she’d been inspired by an old shack outside of their hometown, Georgia.

Cindy wasn’t opposed to people deciding for themselves what her lyrics meant though, saying “it’s amazing what people have come up with in the past about it. I kind of like that. Let the people participate in the meaning. I’m fine with that.”

So there you go!

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18 October 2019

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