"We're Experiencing Tinder Box- Like Conditions."

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Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Acting Commissioner Mike Wassing says 42 Local Government Areas across the state have been declared, with conditions set to get worse next week. 

The declaration prohibits the lighting of all types of outdoor fires, while also banning certain activities that could cause fires to ignite. 

“We’re experiencing tinder box-like conditions across much of the state and all it takes is one spark to start a fire that may burn for days,” Mr Wassing said.

“This declaration is vital to prevent bushfires breaking out and posing a danger to lives and property.”

Mr Wassing said the declaration overrode all existing permits to light fire, banned fireworks and the lighting of any outdoor cooking fires.

“The declaration also prohibits welding, grinding and the use of oxy acetylene cutting or heating outdoors,” he said. 

“The use of the machinery and power tools in open areas has the potential to exacerbate the bushfire risk, which is why it is essential people do not use these tools outdoors.

“The declaration also gives QFES the authority to draw on private resources, such as plant and equipment, to assist in firefighting or preparation.”


The declaration will be in effect until revoked.

See the full declaration here.

QFES Far Northern Region

LGAs Included:
 Cassowary Coast Regional
 Tablelands Regional
 Cairns Regional
 Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire
 Croydon Shire
 Etheridge Shire

LGAs Not Included: 
 Carpentaria Shire
 Mareeba Shire
 Douglas Shire
 Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire
 Cook Shire
 Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire
 Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire
 Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire
 Aurukun Shire
 Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire
 Napranum Aboriginal Shire
 Mapoon Aboriginal Shire
 Northern Peninsula Area Regional
 Torres Shire
 Torres Straight Island


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