We Found Out How Much Money Goes Into The MAFS Weddings

You might be surprised!

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Given that they’ve put their lives on hold to take part in an experiment, the Married At First Sight participants are treated to lavish ceremonies and dream honeymoons.

Unfortunately, most people could not pull off these weddings in their wildest dreams. Do the couple-to-be even get to have a say? We asked the team behind the show and you might be surprised!

It turns out there are no set budgets for each pair and they are given the opportunity to discuss the big day. However, just because someone wants a particular type of flower, it doesn't mean they will get it!

Just like any bride, the women get to shop for their dream dress from a selection of stores. The same goes for handsome groomsmen!

No matter if your budget is big or small, there is definitely some wedding inspo to take out of this show (minus the drama, of course).


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5 February 2019

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