We Finally Know Which Actress Bit Beyoncé's Face

Some answers!

13 June 2018

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Remember how back in March, actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish was having a little chat with GQ and revealed that she once saw an actress BITE BEYONCÉ ON THE FACE!?

Well, the story she told (which also involved the unnamed actress being on drugs) left the world asking #whobitbeyonce?

Tiffany claimed to have a conversation with Bey after she was bit in the face, which went something along the lines of:

"'Did she really bite you?' She was like, 'Yeah.' I was like, 'She gonna get her a** beat tonight.' She was like, 'Tiffany, no. Don’t do that. That b*tch is on drugs. She not even drunk. The b*tch is on drugs. She not like that all the time. Just chill.”

Now, it seems we have our answer.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tiffany has pretty much confirmed that it was suspected actress Sanaa Lathan!

“Haddish asks whether I know who did it, and I whisper the name that's been rumored: Sanaa Lathan,” the reporter retells.

“She smiles. ‘I’m super good friends with her stepmom and her dad [Stan, a producer-director], and they were mad at me.

"They were like, 'Why would you do this to the family? You know, black actresses, you guys have to stick together, it's so hard for you guys to get work as it is, why would you try to ruin her career?' But I didn't try to ruin her career. I never said her name!

“I was just trying to say how Beyonce kept me from goin' to jail that night. I coulda just shut my whole career down.”


When Sanaa’s name was getting thrown around at the time, The Affair actress denied the rumours on Twitter:


Something tells us she'll never live this one down. 

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