We Feel Personally Attacked By This INSANE ‘Friends’ Theory About Ross

Excuse us?!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

15 May 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Friends is one of those shows that will never go out of fashion, so we’re always interested in new things about it that pop up. 

But frankly, the latest whispers of a ‘theory’ about the series are just plain rude and we’re offended… 

A new theory posted by U.S. comedian Emily Heller has posited that Ross was made Monica’s brother in the show only to ensure he would stay on the series, because if he hadn’t been her brother, then the rest of the all stuck with Carol (Ross’ ex wife) after their divorce, because ‘she’s the better person’. 


Let’s first set the record straight in that this is a ‘conspiracy theory’, brought about by one fan’s musings. 

Everyone’s now jumped to Ross’ defence, saying things like, "Whatever the reason..It's unfair to think that nobody would have stuck with Ross..I don't know why people hate Ross so much. He isn't perfect but he very kind and generous.he even stick with Carol when she was going to call her wedding off. He supported his ex wife & was a good dad.”


Others made the most of the situation, bringing some humour into why Ross was made Monica’s sibling.


Whatever anyone wants to say about this, we’ll always stick by our Friends cast, because they’re always here for us…



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