We Asked A Male Witch All The Things You Wanted To Know

He got his cauldron from ALDI

Carly Heading

31 May 2018

Carly Heading

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Say hello to Tim Ozpagan, you are about to learn a whole lot more about him and you are going to obsessed!

Tim is a male witch and he run’s the “Witches Workshop” at The Alchemy Space in Newtown. The Witches Workshop on Facebook has almost 5000 members and he has become quite popular across Sydney and the country. 

Tim has been a practicing witch since his early teens and became involved in coven-based Witchcraft in 1973. 

He is the leader of the “Nuit’s Veil” Coven which he founded in 1973 by casting a spell to find ‘Like Minded” people.

Nuit’s Veil comprises of sixteen people who meet weekly to celebrate significant points in the natural world, especially the worship of the Full Moon, as he was born on a Full Moon and has a particularly strong connection to it.

The Witches Workshop offers workshops and weekend long retreats for beginner or advanced witches to develop their craft.

For more information head to their website here

This morning, 2DayFm Breakfast spoke to Tim and nothing was off limits!

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