Warwick Town Hall Packed with Concerned Locals

Proposed $100million solar farm

16 May 2018

Article heading image for Warwick Town Hall Packed with Concerned Locals

Concerned Southern Downs locals packed into the Warwick Town Hall to voice their concerns over the proposed 100 million dollar solar farm project.

The people behind the farm want to build the renewable energy project on land at Freestone Valley but some locals say the proposed site is on prime agricultural land and fear the land may be left unusable and degraded after the 20-year lifespan of the solar farm.

Other locals raised concerns about the impact on property values and scenic qualities of the area.  If council gives permission to proceed with the project, (with a decision that could be made as early as May 23) there would be no course for appeal under the rules of the new planning scheme.

Mayor Tracy Dobie said the meeting was called so residents’ concerns could be heard and she predicted a decision would not go to vote this month.

"It has become clear that we need to put some more questions to bed," the mayor said. 

"This is will not be an easy decision for Councillors.”

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