Warning: New Email Scam Doing The Rounds In SA

Delete immediately

Emma Charlton

11 October 2017

Emma Charlton

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SA Police have issued a warning regarding a new email scam.

The emails claim to be a traffic fine from Police, but actually contains malware to infect your computer and should be deleted immediately.

An official statement from SA Police advised that the best action to take is to delete the email immediately. 

"We have received a number of reports today about fake Traffic Infringement Notice emails. SA Police do not send out infringement notices via email. If you receive one and it contains a link – delete it immediately and don’t click the link as it contains malware," the statement said.

Other interstate police agencies have also experienced an increase in reports of this hoax. 

Make sure you tell your friends, family, workmates and wider community to help protect them too.

For more information about scams visit www.scamwatch.gov.au and remember legitimate companies, particularly financial institutions, will not send emails requesting you to log on via a link.

The advice? Log on independently if you need to access that site.



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