WARNING: Magpie Swooping Season Isn’t Over In NSW

Don’t get too comfortable

Carly Heading

11 December 2017

Carly Heading

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Summer is well and truly here… we don’t want to bring the bad news, but this doesn’t mean that magpie swooping is over!

There has still been a number of reports of swooping across the state, with a number of them being in the city.

The latest was last week with Chris Bosch getting attacked on 228 Burns Rd in North Turramurra.

Chris explained, he was “running down Burns road when I got hit on the head from behind by a magpie. Felt like being whacked with a stick. Carried on running and got hit again. 4 cuts on the head - one quite deep.”

While others in the CBD have been attacked while bike riding.

Thankfully, they were not injured.

So far this season there has been over 900 reports of magpie attacks in NSW alone. 


Be safe out there fam.

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