Warning Issued For Commuters Travelling On Sydney Trains

Be safe, everyone.

Sohan Judge

27 March 2017

Sohan Judge

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Sydney Trains boss, Howard Collins, has issued a warning for those commuting on Sydney Trains.

He has spoken out about the potential for a “low-tech” London-style terrorist attack to happen here, saying we live in a time where “even the most mundane objects have become weapons”.

Mr Collins spoke to The Daily Telegraph, saying “while we constantly plan for the worst, we must also be realistic.

“We must ensure society continues to become more and more vigilant to potential dangers. In a world where high-profile attacks are becoming the norm, it is important we become more attuned to what represents a risk.”

With major events taking place in Sydney in the coming weeks – Tuesday’s Socceroos match at Allianz Stadium and next month’s Anzac Day commemorations – security is believed to have been stepped up to protect the public. 

The terror threat level is remaining at “probable”.

This warning comes after numerous incidents around the world where vehicles like trucks and cars have been used to kill pedestrians, back in Christmas in Berlin, Bastille Day in Nice, and most recently in London.

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