WA To Tackle Issue Of Covid Infected Cargo Ships

BBC California docked on Monday

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WA Premier Mark McGowan will discuss the issue of cargo ships travelling to Australia via Indonesia during Friday’s National Cabinet meeting.

On Monday, the BBC California vessel docked in Fremantle after the captain raised the alarm some crew members may be unwell with Covid onboard. They were right. 

10 of the 14 crew members tested positive and were subsequently ordered to stay on board and isolate in their separate rooms with individual bathrooms. 

McGowan will raise concerns over cargo ships travelling through here from Indonesia and push for tighter federal rules.

The BBC California, pictured above. Source: Getty Images

Three of the four crew who tested negative disembarked the ship on Wednesday into hotel quarantine. The fourth stayed on board as there was a “critical need” for an engineer.

“Protective measures are in place. He will remain isolated in a cabin on a separate deck to everyone else and will use PPE when on deck and in the engine room.”

- WA Health

The ship departed Egypt on June 8, stopping at three ports in Indonesia before reaching Fremantle Port. 

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23 July 2021

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