WA Strawberry Producers "Devastated" After Needle Find

A needle has been found.

16 September 2018

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A WA company has been "devastated" after a punnet of their strawberries was contaminanted, bringing them into the national scandal.

A needle was found in a punnet of Mal's Black Label strawberries in South Australia, prompting police to issue an alert for the state.

Mal's Black Label strawberries is a small grower based in Gingin, north of Perth.

It is believed to export their produce to the east coast of Australia through a third-party seller.

WA’s Department of Health was in contact with the company overnight.

A spokesperson has told the media that there has been no reports of contaminated strawberries in WA but anyone who has brought strawberries from the grower should check the punnet before eating them.

Danny Holdsworth, marketing manager for the WA grower, said the report of the needles being found were “devastating”.

“I would say it’s a copycat thing. It’s not hard to go into a store and put a needle in a punnet of strawberries.”

The punnet was bought from a Klose’s Foodland store in the Adelaide Hills and there was no injuries reported when the strawberries were eaten. 

The punnet was immediately returned to the store and employees pulled the remaining stock from the shelves before calling authorities.

There were unconfirmed reports last night that contaminated strawberries were found in Tasmania.

The contamination crisis has now reached every state in Australia.

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