WA Landmark Ruling To Protect Women With “Safe Access Zones”

Abortion clinic protests banned

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A landmark legislation passed through state parliament on Thursday allowing women a safe and private pathway to abortion services.

The "historic" and "momentous" ruling had advocates in raptures as WA joins the rest of the nation in adopting the laws. 

The "Safe Access Zones" mean the 24/7 areas within 150 metres of the boundary will be safe for those wishing to seek support without threat to their privacy or wellbeing.

The Western Australia Briefing

Offenders will now be liable for up to a maximum penalty of $12,000, or one-year jail time.

Banned behaviour inside the Safe Access Zone include: 

  • Harassing, intimidating, and threatening a person accessing abortion premises.
  • Communicating by any means about abortion in a manner that could be heard or seen by a person accessing a service that could cause them distress or anxiety.
  • Impeding a footpath, road, or vehicle without reasonable excuse; and
  • Recording another person accessing the premises without their consent as well as distributing the recordings.

Calling the passing of the legislation as a “significant moment for women in this state”, Women’s Interests Minister, Simone McGurk said it brings Western Australia into line with the rest of the nation.

“Women have a right to access legal medical services without fear of intimidation or harassment, and the appropriate safeguards will now be in place around clinics”

With undeniable stigma still attached to abortions, the "Safe Access Ruling" is a momentous day for women's rights in Western Australia.


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12 August 2021

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