WA Housing Crisis Forces Teachers To Live In Caravan Parks

As the union rallies for improvements

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Due to a lack of accomodation in WA, the Department of Education are being forced to house teachers in caravans. 

According to the State School Teachers' Union, the accommodation crisis could potentially force teachers out of rural areas where they are much needed. 

Senior vice president of the Union Matt Jarman told The West Australian the overflow from the housing shortage will have a terrible affect on rural students. 

“This is indicative of a growing crisis for regional and remote areas that has the potential to seriously disadvantage country students,” Mr Jarman said.

Some teachers are either being forced to stay in caravans, hotels or share accomodation with complete strangers. 

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Mr Jarman also said these teachers are having to go up against miners for suitable accommodation, with an obvious pay gap between the two professions giving miners a substantial advantage in the accomodation market. 

“With educators already falling behind in real terms — due to the public service salary cap — many teachers are being priced out of regional areas by increasing housing costs, as well as other soaring expenses such as fuel,” he said.

While the WA government's been continuing to sell of Government regional Officer Housing homes over the past four years, the union has been campaigning for massive improvements to the scheme to provide public sector workers such as police and teachers more homes.

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Georgie Marr

17 August 2021

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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