WA Housing Crisis At A Historic High

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Source: Shelter WA

Domestic and family violence is worsening in parts of Western Australia with The Financial Counsellors' Association Of Western Australia  seeing a 122% increase in clients affected over recent months.

The findings were included in the latest reports from The Housing Emergency Response Group who cite a lack of affordable housing as a major social issue. 

Unsurprisingly, the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns is adding pressure on women and children trying to escape abuse. 

“If women want to leave these situations it’s even more increasingly difficult to make that decision because they know, particularly if they are trying to leave with children, that there’s actually nowhere to go.”

- Financial Counsellors Association CEO Melanie Every

The findings come as housing prices in WA have reached a historic high this past year. Renting a house is at $450 per week, an $80 increase, and renting a unit is at $380, a $60 increase.

The Shelter WA Chief Executive, Michelle Mackenzie told Radio 6PR’s Mornings show the affordable housing stock available is not in the desired locations where people want to live. 

“The scale of the problem means we need to accelerate the pace of investment in homelessness services. People are living in cars, people are couch surfing. They’re calling services and they can’t find the housing people need."

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9 July 2021

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