WA Are Shutting Borders To NSW For Months!

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Despite no new infections in the state recorded on Wednesday, WA is set to snap shut borders with NSW for at least two months, following Sydney's covid-19 outbreak. 

WA’s Chief Health Officer Dr Andy Robertson says the state will soften restrictions once 14 days of no community transmission is observed. 

“That’s the measure we’ve used now probably for close to six months when we opened up to Victoria recently and to the Northern Territory that was the marker we used,” he said.

WA Officials are also going a step further hardening rules for any compassionate travel.

The latest travel advice released on the WA government website says,

“WA residents wanting to enter from NSW are not guaranteed right of entry, and need to demonstrate extenuating circumstances to be granted approval to enter WA,” “The state emergency coordinator will only approve an individual after consideration of all of the circumstances, including the public health risks.”

Dr Robertson told Perth Radio 6PR there’s a small list of reasonable excuses for travel to WA. 

“Obviously if you have very good reason to come back to WA, there might be a very ill family member or a spouse who’s having a baby or whatever the case may be, then obviously there are good circumstances,” he said.
“This is not the time to go over for a holiday in NSW, or to go over for work, on the off-chance that ‘oh I’m a West Australian and therefore I can get back in’ - you may not be able to,” Robertson said.

NSW is now considered a medium-risk jurisdiction by the state.

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14 July 2021

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