Viral Tik Tok Video Shines Light On Harassment Women Face Everyday

Ugly problem sparks conversation

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The male is told to leave by the kebab store owner as the victim looks at the camera. Source: TikTok

A viral TikTok video is making the rounds on social media sparking conversation over the issue of public harassment women often experience on a daily basis. 

The video depicts a group of women whose catch up over dinner is abruptly interrupted by a male stranger harassing them outside a Northbridge kebab shop.

The women assertively request the male to leave them alone to which he asks them what the problem is.

Eventually, he appears to walk away as the woman behind the lens tells him to “have a good one.”

But suddenly, he decides to stay and “join” the group, getting very close to the particular woman who requested he leave, kneeling down with his elbows resting on the table. 

Clearly threatened by the male’s sudden closeness the woman becomes agitated and frustrated, yelling at him to leave. It’s only when the owner of the kebab store rushes to the groups' aid yelling at the male to back off, that he finally he gets up and leaves. 

“F%#@ off, respect the ladies," the store owner says. 

The video shared by @jayneright is titled “#northbridge #perth you ask us why we are afraid of men? This is why..”

Here is the video in full - 


It has generated over 66,000 likes and has more than 3000 comments. 

“Unfortunately it’s something that I think a lot of women, including myself, have experienced in Northbridge, you can’t really escape it, but it’s a bit more confronting I think when it’s caught on camera.”

- Seven West Media Senior Digital Producer, Kate Phillips

Ms Phillips speaking to The West Live’s Ben O’Shea said the video’s popularity is because it reminds women of what they have to go through.

Phillips has found in her experience it is a “balancing act” when requesting harassers to back off as one has to act polite but also distant or even blunt. It can “backfire” as people can often become aggravated when their unwanted advances are rejected. 

“I know from personal experience, you feel really uncomfortable and really unsure of how to handle it, because things can change in a second. It’s really unfortunate that it continues to happen,” Phillips said.

The video shows that harassment is an everyday occurrence for women and that it is never funny or okay to be creepy and threatening. 

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7 October 2021

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