Victorian Ambulance Workers Protest Call Not To Jail Women Who Bashed Paramedic

"I feel justice hasn't been done"

15 May 2018

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Victorian paramedics have covered their ambulances in graffiti in protest following a court’s decision to spare two women who bash a paramedic jail.

Paramedic Paul Judd was assaulted by two drunk women in Melbourne in 2016. He still can’t work as due to injuries he suffered in the attack, which required three operations.

Amanda Warren, 33, and Caris Underwood, 22, had their jail sentences quashed on appeal on Tuesday.

Warren was sentenced to six months in jail, and Underwood four months, by Melbourne Magistrates Court. They appealed against their prison terms in the Victoria County Court.

Judge Barbara Cotterrell on Tuesday said their difficult childhoods and young families meant the mandatory minimum six-month term should not apply.

The decisions has angered paramedics who have now used their own ambulances to express their disappointment.

Images shared on the ‘Fair Go Paramedic’ Twitter account showed the message “It’s not ok to assault paramedics” printed across the windows of the emergency vehicles.


Mr Judd told press he wasn’t happy with the result.

"I just feel that justice hasn't been done," he said.

"It just leaves the door open for everybody to have an excuse to do what they want with no repercussions," he told reporters.

"And that's basically what (those) people did - gotten away with it, no repercussions."

The Hit Network asked paramedics to share their thoughts and and experiences: 

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