Victoria Set To Modestly Ease Restrictions Amid Concerns NSW Is Reaching It's Tipping Point

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In a bold new move to steer away from a zero COVID strategy, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is expected to release the states lockdown hand break with an easing of restrictions.

A modest roadmap out of stage 4 restrictions is expected to be announced on Wednesday with the overnight curfew and travel limits likely to be relaxed. 

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Despite media speculation, gossip is rife as to what the Premier will actually detail in mapping a pathway to some semblance of freedom. 

"We 're looking at all manner of different things that we can do", the Premier said

"I do want to be very clear with the people of Victoria, this will not be Freedom Day, it will not be opening up. It will be modest changes that can hopefully be meaningful in people's lives"

- Premier Dan Andrews

Targeted and “mild” easing of Covid rules were discussed at a crisis meeting of ministers and health officials on Tuesday night with potential variations across LGAs or regions. 

Victoria is also bracing for numbers above 100 midweek as the state recorded two COVID related deaths, the first since November 2020.

Meantime, its feared New South Wales still hasn't reached its COVID peak as case numbers continue to soar above the thousand mark.

Australian Medical Association Vice President Dr Chris Moy is concerned the state is nearing its tipping point.

"It is really just hanging on by fingertips at the moment at terms of protecting the community, protecting the hospitals from getting overrun with too many cases"

- Dr Chris Moy

Furthermore, a boost for the country's vaccine supply is set to land next week with half a million COVID-19 Pfizer doses from Singapore.

Hailed as an example of international cooperation, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the "vaccine swap" between Australia and Singapore will prop up the nation's vaccination rollout with 500,000 extra doses to be distributed evenly around the country, 


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31 August 2021

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