Victoria’s Vaccination Rates Soar Ahead Of Schedule

1466 new infections

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Victoria recorded 1466 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday and sadly eight Covid-related deaths.

The reported infections were identified from more than 68,500 swabs on Monday.

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Meanwhile, 36,383 vaccine doses were administered at state-run sites, with thousands more administered across GP's clinics and pharmacies.

The upturn in vaccination rates, sets the state on track to have 70 per cent of Victorians double dosed by October 23, with experts suggesting that date could be even earlier.

With Victoria's vaccine targets soaring above expectations, lockdown could end a week ahead of schedule, particularly as the state government opened up Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for all residents on Monday.

Health Minister Martin Foley explained eligibility criteria changed after vaccine supplies were confirmed.

“It’s time to throw open the doors of all of our clinics to the mRNA vaccines for all comers,” he said.

Currently, 85.8 per cent of eligible people aged over 16 have received their first dose, while 59.3 per cent are fully vaccinated. 


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11 October 2021

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