Victoria’s COVID Outbreak Spikes With 324 Cases, As GP’s In Melbourne’s North Plead For Help

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Victoria recorded 324 new COVID cases on Thursday with contact tracers linking 107 to current outbreaks, and the rest a mystery.

Local GPs, community leaders and pharmacists in Melbourne's COVID-hit northern suburbs have written an open letter to both Federal and State governments calling for an urgent boost to Pfizer supplies with more than 60 per cent of cases connected to the area.

"The vaccination rate in the Hume LGA is now the second-lowest in the state, at a time when it has the highest number of active coronavirus cases in the state," the letter read.

"This will create enormous pressure on our healthcare system and will cost lives."

The letter requested "more vaccine supply and resources to administer them," along with greater vaccination hub capacity and locations made available.

"We call on the Federal Government and the Victorian State Government to treat this crisis with the urgency it deserves."

Meanwhile, with lockdown relief planned for regional Victoria on Friday, Premier Dan Andrews has delivered a clear warning to Melbournian's that a dash to the bush will not be tolerated.

"There'll be check points, not necessarily every car will be stopped, but everyone is at absolute risk of being stopped. So, I don't like the odds of travelling into regional Victoria if you don't have a lawful reason to do so"

- Premier Andrews

Regional pubs, cafes, restaurants, and retailers will need to check the ID of everyone they serve, ensuring city slickers have not escaped to the country.

The eased restrictions across regional Victoria do not include Shepparton as it continues to manage a contained Delta outbreak. 


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8 September 2021

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