Victoria’s COVID Cases Rise To 208 As Hospitals Brace For Impact

Outbreak under control

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As expected COVID cases numbers are on the rise with Victoria recording 208 new infections, with one in hotel quarantine.

Of Friday's cases, 98 are linked to known outbreaks, with 112 currently catalogued as mystery cases and sadly one COVID related death. 

The Department of Health has yet to provide information on how many local cases were in isolation for their entire infectious period.

The National Briefing: Victorian infections surge with another life lost

Despite the surge Deakin University's Professor Catherine Bennett said we should be confident health authorities are keeping the outbreak controlled.

"At this stage it's really about keeping it under control and while the case numbers rise it’s really hard to think about that as being in control. But in fact, what the numbers behind it tell us is it still is. That we're still looking at a rise in cases, but it’s a very controlled rise"

There are now 1180 active cases of COVID-19 in Victoria. 

Meantime, hospitals are preparing for higher intakes now that the state moves to steer away from a zero COVID strategy. Instead, the path out of lockdowns is hinged on vaccination targets.

As of last night, there were 61 COVID patients hospitalised in Victoria, with 20 in ICU and 13 of those patients on ventilators.


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2 September 2021

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