Victoria’s Cases Dip As Patients Miss Out On Urgent Surgeries

1749 new infections

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Victoria reported a slight dip in cases with 1749 infections on Tuesday and sadly a further 11 Covid-related deaths.

Detected from 68,702 test results received yesterday, the state's current active cases are at 22,476.

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36,751 people stepped forward for a jab at state run hubs yesterday, with thousands more rolled up their sleeves at GP clinics and pharmacies.

With continued high uptake of the jab across the state, Victoria is on track to achieve 80 per cent full vaccine coverage by the end of next month.

More than two third of those over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated ahead of the state's first phase of re-opening on Friday.

Meanwhile, urgent surgeries are being postponed to make room for Covid patients.

70.000 people needing category one surgery have been left waiting, that is an increase of almost 20, 000 from late 2019.

Shadow health minister Georgie Crozier said there has been no proper planning.

"Many surgeries, many of them need intensive care and many of them just need a bed and we don't have the beds," she said.

"The government has not planned properly and as a result people’s lives are being put at risk and sadly, some will lose their lives because of worsening health conditions".

- MP Georgie Crozier

Further concerns from health practitioners and patients alike is that many of the operations including the removal of cancerous lumps and cardiac issues require attention within 30 days.


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18 October 2021

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