Victoria Records 445 New COVID Infections With Numbers Escalating Rapidly

Cases jumping

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City of Melbourne

Two more fatalities and 445 COVID new cases have been recorded overnight as the state's Delta outbreak rapidly grows. 

Of the new infections 129 have been linked to known outbreaks, leaving a whooping 316 a mystery.

The Victoria Briefing

Epidemiologist Professor Tony Blakely has told Seven over the past week or so, Victoria's case numbers are jumping by an average of 12 per cent a day.

"Which is actually pretty fast when you are do exponential math’s, that sees it doubling every five days or so"

- Prof Tony Blakely

Meanwhile, the emphasis continues to rest on vaccine drives, with construction sites this week’s focus along with high infections metropolises in northern and western Melbourne.

Health Minister Martin Foley said authorities are keeping their gaze on hot spot areas despite calls for incentivised schemes and gimmicks.

"If the commonwealth can provide more vaccines … Whether it’s the MCG, Luna Park or anywhere else where it could be a fun thing to vaccine around, that’s great,” he said.

“We’d be strongly supportive of helping get Victorians to participate in that, but our ­priority is to take the vaccines to where people are in the areas of greatest need.”

- MP Martin Foley

But Victorians desperate for a little relief and hopeful of an end to lockdown, rolled up their sleeves at state run clinics on Monday with 36,615 jabs administered.


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14 September 2021

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