Victoria Records 1965 New Cases But Authorities Assure Cases Are Plateauing

Sadly five deaths

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Victoria has recorded a surge in Covid cases with 1965 cases and sadly five deaths in the past 24 hours.

The cases were reported from 73,443 tests that were conducted in the past 24 hours.

Triage tents are being put up outside some hospitals to help cope with patient numbers.


Emergency Physician Dr. Stephen Parnis has told Nine this outbreak is worse than last year.

“People are struggling among my colleagues and our levels of efficiency can only go so far for so long, and you can’t create doctors and nurses overnight, that is a big issue.”

Health authorities have said Victoria hasn’t yet reached the peak of the outbreak, but we are close.

Epidemiologist Catherine Bennett explained cases would continue to rise, but we are close to have cases plateau.

“That important reproductive number we want to get back to one, that’s when you’ve hit your peak your plateau, keeps coming back towards one. So we’re sitting at 1.2 at the moment, even though we’ve got the biggest case number it is actually slowing. If you line the outbreaks up, Victoria’s outbreak started a month after New, they actually have tracked in quite a similar way.”

The statistics also show that 41,777 cases were administered in the past 24 hours. To book your vaccine appointment visit

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9 October 2021

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