Victoria Police: "Flinders Street Not Related To Terrorism"

"We are not defined by these incidents"

21 December 2017

Article heading image for Victoria Police: "Flinders Street Not Related To Terrorism"

Police have confirmed the investigation of the Flinders Street incident on Thursday afternoon will continue and at this stage there is no link to terrorism.

Acting Commissioner Shane Patton confirmed the 32-year-old driver had a history of mental health issues and drug use. He is on a mental health plan and was known to police. 

There is no increased threat in Melbourne and Patton encouraged the public to continue with their plans over the holiday break.

The second male who was arrested at the scene was observed filming on his phone. He was carrying three knives at the time. After being questioned by police, it is believed he was not involved in the incident, however he will continue to be interviewed.

Victoria Police confirmed in a previous statement that 19 pedestrians were taken to hospital; 15 in a stable condition, and 4 are in a critical conditions. The offender is a patient and is not in a critical condition.

An off-duty police officer was able to make the first arrest. He is being treated in hospital after sustaining hand and shoulder injuries.

The crime scene will remain in place until at least 7am tomorrow, and Police ask pedestrians continue to avoid the area.

Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews reiterated the Victorian Government are working towards a safer city and described the incident as not frustrating but of 'deep sadness'.

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