VIC SES Launch Driver Reviver In Time For School Holidays!

Buckle up!

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It's almost time for School Holidays again, which means many families from the Murray River region will be back on the roads for family vacations!

To ensure everyone stays safe on the road this break, the SES Victoria have launched a campaign, pleading with drivers to pull over and rest when feeling fatigued to avoid road accidents. 


To help drivers get back on the road, volunteers will be manning various Driver Reviver stops where sleepy drivers can grab a hot cup of coffee, tea and snacks. 


For Murray River locals, there will be a Driver Reviver stop at the Finley Fire brigade station on Newell Highway during the Victorian school holidays. 

You will find the Finley Driver Reviver stop in place during the following dates...

Friday, June 28th - 1PM till 6.30PM 

Saturday, June 29th - 8AM till 6.30PM

Sunday, June 30th - 8AM till 6.30PM

Friday, July 12th - 1PM till 6.30PM

Saturday, July 13th - 8AM till 6.30PM 

Sunday, July 14th - 8AM till 6.30PM 

Friday, Sept 20th - 8AM till 7.00PM 

Drivers can also keep their eyes peeled for the Benalla Unit at the Mokoan rest area, the Euros Unit at the Balmattum rest area, the Chiltern Unit at the Chiltern Park southbound rest area and the Murchison Unit at the Wahrin truck rest area. 

So do the right thing by you and the family these holidays and pull over if you're feeling drowsy for a hot cuppa with volunteers! To learn more about driving fatigue, head to the website for more info!



Georgie Marr

24 June 2019

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Georgie Marr

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