Verdict Due In 'Evil 8' Child Rape Case

Final member sentenced

7 November 2017

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The last member of the so-called "Evil 8" group of pedophiles to face court is about to learn his fate after a brief judge-alone trial.

Alfred John Impicciatore pleaded not guilty to four counts of sexually penetrating a child, but confessed to police in a video-recorded interview about two months after the alleged offences.

Defence counsel John Hawkins told District Court of WA Judge Mark Herron his client admitted raping the 13-year-old girl at the centre of the horrific case because he was stressed, anxious, cold and tired after a long police interview.

Mr Hawkins said Impicciatore couldn't even recall what month it was at one stage, which may cast some doubt over the truth of the confessions.

But Judge Herron said it was likely Impicciatore was anxious because he'd realised the enormity of his actions and took time to own up to what he'd done.

Impicciatore was aged 45 in March 2015 when he struck up an online friendship with the girl's father and allegedly raped her four times on his first visit to their house.

The court heard the father watched, also raped the girl and gave Impicciatore liquid Viagra.

During the police interview, Impicciatore claimed the father told him the girl was 17, but that cannot be used as a defence for an accused person who is more than three years older than the victim.

He was due to face trial in May but fled to NSW, which prosecutors claim demonstrates a guilty conscience.

His trial lasted barely more than a day last week.

Judge Herron is scheduled to hand down his verdict on Tuesday afternoon.

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