Vera Wang's ACTUAL Daily Routine

This is a game changer!

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The internet went absolutely crazy when photos of Vera Wang emerged alongside the information that she is 70 years old.

This is not a throwback photo to her youth, this is her at 70!

Everyone was begging her to give away her secrets. Was she pumping iron at the gym for 3+ hours each day? Was she lathering her face in every serum and moisturiser under the sun?

She gave us an answer, 'Work, sleep, vodka cocktail & not much sun.'

As someone who does all of these things, and still looks older than Vera Wang, I was not buying a second of it, so I did some digging. Almost a decade ago she caught up with Harper's Bazaar and gave us an insight into her day to day life.

Vera seems to have the perfect routine to look after her physical and mental health, and honestly, it's so doable.

Here are the details:

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3 June 2020

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