UQ Scientists Trial a Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Game-Changing’ Patch

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University of Queensland

Australian Scientists at the University of Queensland have developed a Covid vaccine patch thats proven to be more successful than the needle.

The ‘game-changing’ discovery by UQ scientists has been trialled on mice in a study yet to be peer reviewed.

The needle-free, single-use patch is designed to neutralise multiple Covid types including the latest more infectious UK and South Africa variants.

Delivered directly into the skin using 5000 microscopic projections that are painless, the vaccine patch could revolutionise Australia's lagging rollout.

Vaxxas Chief Medical Officer Professor Robert Booy explained to the patch was more effective than a needle because it used immune cells on the surface of the skin.

“The tiny needles, pierce the epidermis or the upper dermis, where you’ve got a whole bunch of very good immune cells, which are scanning for foreign antigens”

- Professor Robert Booy

A COVID vaccine PATCH being tested by Aussie Researchers

University of Queensland scientists are looking for funding to take the vaccine patch to human clinical trials. If successful, it could be on the market within two years.

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3 June 2021

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