Unvaccinated Miss Out As Reopening NSW Roadmap Pushed Forward

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Delaying freedoms for unvaccinated people, may be the push some need to get the jab according to health experts.

While sweeping changes to NSW's Reopening Roadmap have been bought forward three weeks for fully vaccinated to November 8, freedoms for those who have not been vaccinated have been delayed until December 15, or when the state hits the 95 per cent double-dose targets.

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NSW Australian Medical Association President Doctor Danielle McMullen confirmed it's the right move.

"Expanding the time until they can participate in the community, hopefully sends that signal to people who haven't been vaccinated yet, to come forward and get a vaccine".

- Dr Danielle McMullen

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet announced the decision to push out freedoms for unvaccinated residents and said the decision was all about “balancing”.

“It was a balance, it was a balancing act here,” the Premier said.

“We set a date today where we are as a state, one and free that does not diminish from our continual message across the state.”

- Premier Perrottet

Previously unvaccinated people were due to enjoy the same freedoms on December 1.

Meanwhile, Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant has put out the call to 12 to 34-year-olds to get vaccinated, with the large cohort delivering the highest transmission rate. 

There are currently, 93.6 per cent of people aged over 16 who have received their first dose of a Covid vaccine, while 87.8 per cent are now full vaccinated.

While in the younger bracket of children aged between 12 to 15, 79,3 per cent have received a single dose of a vaccine, while 62.3 per cent double dosed.


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2 November 2021

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