Uni Pulls Claims Elderberry Fights The Flu

Retracting claims

21 May 2019

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University of Sydney has been forced to retract a study which said eating elderberries could help beat the flu.

The study claimed eating elderberries could help minimise influenza symptoms and attracted local and international media coverage.

However they now admit there’s little evidence to support the assertion and that the study was funded by Pharmacare – a company that sells elderberry-based natural supplement Sambucol.

The company has now been forced to withdraw claims about other products they claimed were “scientifically proven”.

"This is an appalling misrepresentation of this Pharmacare-funded in-vitro study," said associate professor Ken Harvey, president of Friends of Science in Medicine told The Age.

"It was inappropriate and misleading to imply from this study that an extract was 'proven to fight flu'."

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