Ummm Heath from Blue Water High is an Absolute Baaabe Now

Very important PSA

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Adam Saunders

Adam Saunders who played Heath from Blue Water High, has aged verrrry well

It has been a hot minute since we rushed home from school to get the good spot on the couch to watch Blue Water High, when I say hot minute, I actually mean 15 years!

Everything about that show was great, the theme song, the storylines and the OG characters. One of the best characters from the entire show, was Heath, played by Adam Saunders.

Full warning, if you were fan of Heath back in 2005, strap yourself in, this is him in 2020.




*immediately presses follow button*

Excuse me while I compose myself...

Since the Blue Water High Days, he’s appeared on Home & Away, Dance Academy and a few short films. Nowadays he wears many hats including photographer/model/director/actor.

Here's what the rest of the cast are up to:

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25 June 2020

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