Two Tasmanian Devils Killed In State’s North West

Unnecessary roadkill

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Drivers are reminded to watch out for wildlife when on the roads after two Tasmanian Devils were killed in the state's north west earlier this week.

The pair of females were found at Arthur River on Monday. 

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The state's Land Conservancy conservation ecologist David Hamilton told the Mercury that the devils had been feeding on a wombat carcass.

“They were literally right next to a warning sign that said drive slow for devils,” Mr Hamilton said.

“These animals were on a straight stretch of road feeding on a carcass, it wasn’t like someone had come around a corner"

The endangered species are more vulnerable as we head into December and January particularly with young babies emerging.

Road mortality is the second biggest threat to Tasmanian devils with around 350 killed every year, after devil facial tumour disease.

“If people do hit wildlife on the roads, it’s important to pull over and take the animal off the road whenever safe," Mr Hamilton implored,

Motorists are urged to slow down and stay alert with the little devils out and about.


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3 November 2021

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