Two More Of Your Favourite 'Riverdale' Characters Are Dating In Real Life

They're so cute!

8 October 2018

Article heading image for Two More Of Your Favourite 'Riverdale' Characters Are Dating In Real Life

When it was finally confirmed that Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, who play Betty and Jughead on Riverdale, were dating in real life, we couldn't contain our excitement!

Bughead is real and their bond can never be broken!


However, we're not here to talk about Lili and Cole today...

Today, we're here to talk about Camilla Mendes and Charles Melton.

Camilla plays Veronica Lodge on Riverdale and Charles plays Reggie, but even though their characters have a rough relationship on the show, in real life it's completely different.

Camilla took to Instagram this morning to confirm that she and Charles are actually dating and LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!


We don't know how long the relationship has been going on for, however, in a cover story for Nylon magazine earlier this year, the actress did say that focusing on her partner is not something she would like to do during interviews.

She'd much rather talk about projects that she's passionate about and hey, that's totally fair!

You go, girl!

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