Two Missing Victorian Girls Located In South Australia

Breaching Covid restrictions

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Two Victorian teenagers have been caught after hitchhiking to South Australia, breaching Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

Two missing Victorian teenage girls were yesterday located by Police after hitchhiking into SA overnight, eventually boarding a school bus, instigating a Covid-19 scare.

Police have revealed that the two girls were picked up by multiple vehicles on their 200km Journey from Victoria to Goolwa to meet a friend.

The three girls then boarded a school bus full of other students, which was heading to Victor Harbour High School located South of Adelaide.

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The girls were intercepted by Police and were forced to remain inside the bus for over two hours along with 37 other students as Police investigated the matter.

Once students were released from the bus, all parents were informed of the situation and urged to isolate their children until further notice.

Police are encouraging drivers who may have given the two girls a lift along the way, to get in touch with the SA Health COVID-19 hotline and to self-isolate immediately.

The girls have been tested and are now cooperation with police.

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Georgie Marr

29 May 2021

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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