Two Hundred And Fifty People Isolating After Covid Alert In Hobart Airport

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Tasmanian Health authorities have identified around 250 people who have been in contact with a Covid positive man who flew into Hobart Airport on Sunday. 

Shockingly, the man was allowed to travel while awaiting a Covid test undertaken in Brisbane hotel quarantine. 

“They released him, he didn’t flee quarantine and they released him to return to Victoria, unfortunately, the flight that he chose came via Tasmania. It’s a situation that obviously we would not like to see occur again and it seems a little strange that in this case whilst he was in a quarantine hotel, waiting on the result of a test he was put on a plane.”

- Tasmania Premier Peter Gutwein

Tasmania's Public Health said anyone who had been on Sunday’s Virgin flight VA 702 from Brisbane to Hobart, seated in rows 10 to 14 are considered a primary close contact and have been advised to quarantine immediately, get a Covid test and remain in Covid quarantine for at least 14 days. 

Anyone who went to the male toilets in the Hobart Airport terminal near Gate 5 between 1:56 pm to 2:02 pm on Sunday or at wooden bench seats adjacent to Gate 4 departures between 12:59 pm and 14:23 pm are also identified as close contacts. The remainder of those on Virgin flight VA 702 is considered casual contacts as well as the same male toilets between 1:30 pm and 1:33 pm. 

Casual contacts are asked to quarantine immediately and get a Covid test on or after day five from the exposure date. 

The man’s positive test result came through whilst he was at the airport and from there he was taken to isolate to Fountainside quarantine. 

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16 November 2021

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