Turns Out Adult Toys & Pets Are Among Many Unusual Things You Can Claim In Your Tax Return!

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Yep, you bet it's that time of year again where if you know what you're actually doing, you can get more money back from your tax!

After a thorough investigation (by yours truly), we've discovered these unusual things that Aussies can claim back during their tax return this year, thanks to a little help from our friends at H&R Block

According to the Director of Tax Communications, Mark Chapman depending on your area of employment, there is a range of tax deductions that could be available you didn't even know about.

Apparently, the basic rule is that if you’ve incurred an expense as part of your job, you can claim it!

So, if your in the mood to figure out what bizarre things people have previously claimed before you can check them out below:

1. “Adult” Deductions

Taxpayers in the adult entertainment industry can claim some, needless to say, interesting deductions. While some people have tried (and failed) to claim breast enhancements on their tax there are other things adult performers can look at successfully making claims for items as diverse as dance lessons, hair care, oils, lingerie, costumes, “toys” and so on!

2. A Clown Suit

Another profession that can generate some very strange tax deductions is a circus performer or any performer for that matter! The whole costume is allowable, including the red nose, because it's all considered as work-related clothing. 

3. A Dog

If you just had a little cheer after seeing you can get some money back from the costs associated with raising your pup, well as it turns out you can! In very limited circumstances, you can claim the cost of acquiring the animal (the cost is depreciated over several years) and for the costs of keeping it (food, vet bills, etc). The two most common scenarios where the cost of a dog is tax-deductible are farming (where an animal might be used to round up sheep, for instance) and security (where the cost of a guard dog to patrol business premises might be allowable).

4. A Caravan

During COVID, caravaning has become a popular leisure pursuit amongst many young people and families, which is now, funnily enough, tax-deductible (if using it for work travel-related reasons). An example includes a person who travelled extensively for work decided to buy a caravan to provide overnight accommodation whilst working away, rather than paying for a hotel room every night. From a tax point of view, that stacks up to be deductible! But, if you are in the same situation and also use the caravan for holidays, you’ll need to apportion the deduction between work use and private use.

5. Garden Gnomes

Do you own a rental property? In amongst the usual deductions like mortgage interest, rates, repairs and so on, did you know that you can claim for items that improve your property’s ‘street appeal’? Who knew!

Whether you think garden gnomes do that or not is really a matter of personal taste but several people have successfully claimed them in respect of their rental property. Here’s our hot tip: make sure the gnomes are actually for your rental property; if they turn up in the garden of your family home, they are not deductible.

Well, there you have it folks, happy tax-detucting!

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Eve Swain: @Eveeswain

13 July 2021

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Eve Swain: @Eveeswain

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