Tropical Miami Brewery 'Lost Palms' opens to the public today

Bottoms up!

10 November 2017

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 Do you ever get in the mood for a boozy night with your mates, but can't be arsed going to one of those pretentious bars or clubs... yet you're still after more than just a cold one at the pub? 

Well brace yourself for the Lost Palms Brewing Co.


This isn't your usual Gold Coast brewery.

Local lads Jarrod Blanning and John Walz are opening up an oasis that isn't going to match every single beer they pour you with some specially tailored entree.

Instead, they're just going to brew up some bloody good beer and you're going to bloody love it. It's not just about the taste, but the experience.


There will, of course, be several dishes on the menu, but the boys want this place to feel as homely as possible. Almost like you're at a house party with your wallet.

Regarding the beer itself, you'll be treated to some homemade recipes with a few different brews popping up throughout each season of the year. 


Lost Palms Brewing Co. opens up in Miami today, 10th November. 


Where: 11 Oak Ave, Miami 


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