TRIGGERED | New Due Date For Rates Announced And The Reactions Are Mixed

Which side are you on?

Carley Whittington

26 February 2019

Carley Whittington

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Townsville City Council has extended the payment date for all ratepayers by a month to Thursday, 4 April

Ratepayers that make payment by 4 April will be eligible for the on-time discount.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill said Council understood the unprecedented floods would have a major financial impact on many ratepayers.  

“Council is delaying payment due dates for rates to help alleviate some of the financial burden of the floods,” Cr Hill said. 

“The clean up is still continuing and I don’t want people stressing about having to pay their rates bill while they are dealing with other matters such as insurance. 

“Council will be working very closely with the Queensland Government to try and provide even more support to those ratepayers who were directly impacted by the floods.”


The comments have come in thick and fast on Facebook posts about the topic, with a mixed bag of responses being received. 


This will help in the road to recovery, thank you. 

Why am I paying rates when my house has been made totally unliveable through no fault of my own. 
The council needs to do better than this. 
How about you suspend our rates till we are able to move back into our homes.

Wow, thank you very much.

Cheap city, may as well have done nothing. how about giving them a big discount.

Can you reduce the water bill now?

To the ratepayers still having a whinge....... the Council are victims too. They (and the Townsville Disaster Management team) have done an incredible job, and the financial impact on their resources would have been huge! Free sandbags, mould cleaner, etc, etc, etc. 
Some people are never happy.....


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