Tributes Pouring In For Gold Coast Photographer Dale Sharpe

Passed away in traffic accident

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Tributes are pouring in for prized Gold Coast photographer, Dale Sharpe, who's died in a traffic accident while holidaying in the US.

The 36-year-old was on a trip of a lifetime, joining storm chasers in Kansas to capture some breathtaking images, he'd been posting about it regularly on his social media page, DK Photography.

His family took to the page to share the tragic news. "Dale was driving on Highway 2 north east of Harper where he struck a deer," the post said. "Dale’s vehicle was disabled on the road and he sought safety calling for assistance.

"The vehicle started to billow smoke from the engine bay and Dale sought refuge on the side of the road. "A passing motorist avoided colliding with the stranded vehicle at the last moment by leaving the road.

"Dale ran for cover into a ditch, however it’s understood the same oncoming vehicle sought refuge in the same direction simultaneously and he was subsequently struck. "Dale was loved by many and will be deeply missed."

Sharpe leaves behind a fiance and a baby daughter. A GoFundMe has been set up to assist his family with funeral expenses.

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20 June 2019

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