Traffic Safety Around our Schools

Police reminder to take care

3 April 2018

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Police would like to remind motorists to pay particular attention when driving near or around schools.

There has been a recent increase in the number of offences around schools and your local police will be paying particular attention to these areas.

Traffic operation officers will be targeting:

  • School zones, including speeding offences in 40kmh zones
  • Parking and no standing zone offences in relation to the drop off and pickup of children at schools
  • School crossings
  • Any other offences detected around schools.

Parents are reminded to park in the designated areas to ensure that children are not put at risk by walking out onto roadways between parked cars.

Police also urge parents to familiarise themselves with school drop-off and pick-up practices, discuss with their children rules for school zones, and to obey the road rules around school zones, in particular the 40kmh speed zone.

On March 29, members of Team Foxtrot attended Glenvale State School due to a number of traffic complaints made by the school P&C, Toowoomba Regional Council and members of the public, including parents.

Police issued a total of 14 traffic infringement notices. These traffic infringement notices included driving unregistered and uninsured vehicles, stopping across driveways, disobeying ‘No Stopping’ signs and smoking in a vehicle with a person under 16 in the vehicle.


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