Tracey SLAMS Dean While Chatting With Heather, Dan & Ben

But weren't they "friends"?!

Holly Fallon

21 March 2018

Holly Fallon

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After last nights bombshell Married At First Sight dinner party finale before the actual finale (Are we there yet?), every MAFAS obsessed Aussie has many unanswered questions:

Did anyone keep their food down over dinner watching Carly and Troy make out?

Did Sean steal his jacket from Usher's closer?

And the big one... Are Tracey and Dean REALLY friends? 

Heather, Dan & Ben caught up with Tracey on the Sea FM breakfast show this morning to get to the bottom of her and Dean's new found "friendship".

But looks like the reformed villian and his former "babe" won't be rapping together anytime soon: 

Tonight we put an end to this MAFAS saga after 12 long and agonising weeks, and according to the promo, 'THIS IS THE EPISODE WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR'. Or was that last week? We keep forgetting. 

Either way, all day we be like...



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