Tracey’s Birth Mum Reveals Her Daughter’s Original Name & What She Thinks Of Dean

"He just can’t be trusted"

4 March 2018

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It seems you can’t enter a conversation with someone these days without them asking, “have you been watching Married At First Sight?”

It’s the show everyone has something to say about and is particularly important to the family and friends of those involved in the social experiment.

The latest family member to speak out is Tracey’s biological mother Patricia Graugg.

Speaking with New Idea, Patricia opened up about why she gave her daughter up for adoption and just what she thinks of Tracey’s husband, Dean.


At just 18-years-old, Patricia reveals was pressured by her family into giving her baby up as she couldn’t afford to raise a child.

Originally named Rachel, Tracey was actually renamed by her adoptive parents.

“Giving up my baby was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But my family pushed me towards adopting her out and I just felt it was for the best.”

Patricia also revealed that eight weeks after finding out she was pregnant, she tracked down Tracey’s biological father at a party.

“He was with another girl and had love bites all over his neck, so I decided to walk away. He was tall, good-looking and had shoulder-length blond hair.”

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending because 18 years later, Tracey reached out to Patricia in a letter.

I was so, so happy. I rang Tracey straight away and we agreed to meet two days later. But what would she think of me? Would she hate me? I was so nervous and excited.”


But after meeting, the two connected straight away.

All I could think of was: 'Oh my God, you are so me! You have long fingers and you’re so tall, plus your eyes and cheeks look like mine'”

So what exactly does Patricia think of Dean and all the controversy surrounding this season?

“I’m really enjoying the show and I think it’ll get even better now that Davina has left.

“I couldn’t stand her and spent the first half of the season screaming and cursing at the telly. I’m proud of the way Tracey carries herself on Married At First Sight.

"I’ve never felt right about [Dean]. I’m struggling to see a strong connection there.

“She has given him many chances to redeem himself, but he just can’t be trusted. I’ve told her to kick him to the kerb!”

Do you agree with Pat or are you starting to support Tracey and Dean’s relationship? Let us know in our Facebook comments!

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