Tracey Reveals That Not Everything From Girls Night Was Shown On 'MAFS'

"We played the game..."

8 March 2018

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Last night on Married At First Sight, Charlene grilled Dean, Justin and Troy about what they had said at their boys night and one marriage ended at the dinner table as a result.

Things got very heated with Charlene saying that the boys were being "disrespectful to women" and even though Dean told her he has "been a feminist [his] whole life", she wasn't buying it.


Tracey watched the whole thing go down from her seat at the dinner table and while she did agree that the comments that the boys night was a disaster, she also thought that Charlene took things a bit too far.

This morning, in an interview with TV Week, Tracey has revealed that during the girls get together, they played a similar game to what the boys did!

"We played the game, 'Who would you kiss, who would you marry, who would you kill?'

"That was the type of game we played."

She said that what the boys said was wrong, but that Charlene also blew things out of proportion.

"Boys' night is just the guys having a few drinks and a laugh.

"I think Dean says things before thinking, especially after a few drinks, and when it's taken out of the context of boys' night, it looks a lot worse than it is.

"Boys' night is a boys' night, just like the girls' night. We all say things with our girls that are supposed to stay at girls' night."


Although she thinks things were taken out of context, Tracey admitted that she was hurt by some of the things Dean said about her.

"I think the only thing I got a little bit upset with, and it's just because of Dean and my history, is the fact he might have been vibing with Carly.

"I also didn't understand why he was asking everyone why they wouldn't sleep with me. I thought at the time, 'Why do you care if the other grooms want to sleep with me or not? It's just silly.'"

Do you think the boys night was taken out of context?


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