Tracey Has Confirmed That She's In A New Relationship

We kind of know who it is...

18 March 2018

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Last night on Married At First Sight, Tracey showed that although she's willing to give someone a chance, there comes a time when she just has to walk away.

After spending an entire season of MAFS with her TV husband Dean, who had put her in quite a few awkward positions, she finally said enough is enough.

Whilst discussing the dramatic break-up with Amos, Cat & Angus this morning, Tracey revealed that the experiment has taught her a lot about herself and that it didn't take long for her to find another man.

Yep, Tracey is definitely in another relationship.

After discussing the show, Angus asked Tracey if she was still single and she said no, she's not single anymore!

"No, I'm not single still."

When Cat asked her about who the new guy was, Tracey didn't say much, but she did say that she was very pleased with the relationship at the moment.

"I can't say... I'm not gonna say right now, but I am quite happy."

All she mentioned about the mystery man was that "he's a Perth guy" and we know she was trying to keep her new relationship private, but earlier this morning, a few photos of her snuggling up to Sean, another MAFS groom, surfaced online.


Sean is based in Perth and it looks like this could be the mystery man she's talking about!

Have a listen to the full interview below:

Tracey Confirms That She's Found A New Man In Her Hometown!


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