Townsville's Trent Bell Stays On The Voice...Just!

We've got your back, Trent!

Carley Whittington

4 June 2018

Carley Whittington

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We were on the edge of the couch during the third live show of The Voice Australia when our Townsville boy Trent Bell fell into the bottom 3! 

Following his performance of Aussie Classic 'You're The Voice' our local lad found himself falling short of having enough votes. 

The rocker had to battle against fellow competitors Jacinta, and AP to prove his place on the show. 

LUCKILY he won the votes and was able to stay in the seventh season of The Voice Australia!! 

The former Kirwan High student gave thanks to his fans on Instagram after the show. 


To keep Trent on the show you've gotta be voting (FOR FREE) on the free Voice Australia app. 




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